Website Design – What have we seen so far?

We are currently five months into 2018 and new and interesting website design techniques are slowly coming to the forefront. Business owners are having to find unique and bold ways to change the way their websites and website content works for any potential visitor to the website looking for a service or product.

Designers and website developers cannot rely anymore on plain content and imagery to bring new website visitors or keep the interest of current site visitors. During 2017 we saw a rise in simpler website design but with accents of striking colours. Website designers are becoming braver and bolder with website design choices.

As we are four months into the year any interesting and upcoming design traits from some of the leading companies and brands should be seeping through with smaller website owners/designers taking note of the new and exciting movements to keep users of the website keep coming back for more.

We take a look at some of these website design techniques below:

Animation and Video

Animation and video techniques in web design have been around for some years, however, site visitors are ever growing an increased thirst to see websites they visit using videos or animation. Whether you are small business owner such as a mechanic, interacting with your website audience to show them how to conduct simple vehicle maintenance such as changing a headlight bulb, will engage visitors and increase the potential for them to return to the website in the future.

A video does not require high-end camera equipment but a friendly face in-front to engage. If this is not suitable for your business your website could benefit from a day to day of your office or working environment to offer website users a rich and engaging experience on your website. Speaking from a designers perspective, we love to work with website video content and believe it has such good qualities to the conversion rate of a website as well as being a little bit different to a standard website.

Adventurous colours

Since 2017 adventurous colour palettes being used by designers in website designs and branding has hit the forefront with big names such as the Premier League ( making a big statement on their branding colour choice across all marketing and website medium. In 2018 lots of website designers are still holding onto the trend with the build of small to large website designs. Bold and beautiful colours excite site visitors and make someone keep coming back. This doesn’t mean that website must be a rainbow of colours but strong accents of colouring against plenty of white space create a strong vibrant interesting impact on websites design.

Website Typography

Typography in a website design is key. Poor choice of font will easily make it harder for a website visitor to read and the potential for them to go to a competitors website is far greater.

Website designers love to use different and interesting typography choices throughout a website to give definition to an important message within that part of the site.

Mobile and tablet resolutions are getting far more detailed, amping up the readability factor, is additionally opening the entryway for an ascent in custom text styles. Website designers are choosing typography with huge amounts of identity for accentuation, as well as for tasteful impact. The greater part of this, is managed by larger than average typefaces, demonstrates that 2018 won’t all be about boring typefaces within web design, and we can hope to see strong patterns keep on developing.

Illustration, Patterns and Textures

With a strong use of colouring in designing a website, illustrations are providing an alternative design inspiration for web designers and graphic designers to express a brands identity on their website whilst engaging the site visitors.

Take for example MailChimp,, they recently rebranding the entirety of their website using bold and adventurous illustrations into their web design. As well as the illustrations they have working in some very clever colours, patterns and textures in their design, giving a website using an interesting website to spending time looking at.

We saw this trend for web design during 2017, but this is still going strong during 2018. The trend is about being whimsical offering intrigue but all a way to display information on the website in a manner that breathes life into ordinary or dry content.

Asymmetric layouts

Websites generally have conformed to certain layout constraints over the many years of the evolution of the internet. Small business owners feedback is true in essence that their website can feel a little too boxy in-places. Again speaking from a designer some small businesses owners like to play it too safe with there website and wanting it too much like a competitor out of the box, standard package website.

This can frustrate web designers who want to push the boundaries of website design to the limit.

We slowly see this become a stronger notion of more and more website becoming Asymmetric and the look and feel becoming more stand out. With the use of video, strong typography and colour a designer can really push the boundary of conventional website design to the next step.

I hope this trend of Asymmetric layouts continues to grow as I believe website design is becoming much more creative.


I believe website design has become a triumph over the last year and 2018 is lining up to be a success for web designers and graphic designers alike using new ways to engage website visitors.

I believe that Asymmetric layouts within web design is going to be the biggest influence on today’s designers but feel adventurous colours and illustrations will become a supporting actor in making the website stand out. Video and animation will always have a place in website builds but feel the shine this year goes to layout choice and colouring.

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