Using trending and popular working Week Hashtags are a great way of improving your social media engagement, particularly on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Every day of the week has a different trending hashtag and we are here to tell you the best ones that will improve your social media engagements quickly and easily.

Monday Hashtags


Everyone experiences the Monday blues when hearing there alarm going off in the morning or heading to a full day of work after a great weekend!


The opposite to #MondayBlues if you are in work on a Monday and you’re actually having fun!


Sharing a motivational or inspiring message to people using the hashtag. Popular with fitness bloggers to showcase progress made through exercise programmes.


Tuesday Hashtags


The ultimate hashtag for travel bloggers, influencers or just generally people who love to travel. Train, Plane, Bike, Car, however, you choose to travel let the world know with this hashtag!


This hashtag is used to show a before and after picture to show the progression. You can show any form of transformation, from a new home project to a more personal transformation. The choice is yours!


Great for business pages to share tips and advice. This could as simple as how to hashtag or a full tutorial video on a certain subject.


Wednesday Hashtags


Similar to #MondayMotivation, people share their words of wisdom. This is a great hashtag for businesses to jump on to develop your brand and put across what it is you are trying to achieve as a company.


This is the peak of the week as it is the middle of the working week. We all get that feeling on a Wednesday or is it just us?


Wednesday Workout is exactly what it says on the tin! Popular with fitness bloggers, influencers, and generally keep-fit fanatics. This can either be posted alongside a photo or video.


Thursday Hashtags


This is to show old photos or memories. The photo we’ve chosen as an example, from former X-Factor contestant Katie Waissel got 1.5k retweets and 11k likes! We think it probably helps that a certain Harry Styles is in the photo…


A way of sharing your thoughts with all of your followers. Think Wednesday Wisdom on a Thursday, easy!


Friday Hashtags


Share your feelings about your upcoming weekend.


Can be shared on its own or combined with #FridayFeeling but everybody loves a Friday, so there will always be something to share from the office!


Thank God It’s Friday is an expression heard up and down the land, on a Friday, at about 5pm! So take advantage and create a social post using your happier-than-usual colleagues!

We think we’ll end it there on the happiest of hashtags. Looking to take advantage of hashtags? Get in touch with us here or call us on 01925 563 960!

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